Saturday, January 10, 2009

A PAIR OF..., 10/365


On a far away island of Salamasond
Yertle the turtle was king of the pond
A nice little pond it was clean it was neat
The water was warm There was plenty to eat
Until one day, the king of them all
Decided the kingdom he ruled was too small
I’m a ruler of all that I see
But I don’t see enough and that’s the trouble with me
With this stone for a throne I am too low down
I cannot look down upon the places beyond
So Yertle the turtle king lifted his hand
And he ordered all the turtles onto one another’s back
He piled them high into a ten turtle stack
I’m Yertle the turtle the things I now rule
I’m king of a cow I’m king of a mule
Then down from below in the great turtle stack
Came a burp from a plain little turtle named Mack...
--courtesy of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dr. Seuss

After years of oppression Mack finally gets his chance to be top turtle. Mack and his pal strike a pose for Theme #4, "A Pair of...,"


  1. Very cute, I was just reading about your "first loser". Seems to be they picked the wrong winner. I love your photo and it would be my winner. LOL

  2. I love this!!! And the tale of Yertle the Turtle is terrific! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You can't beat Dr. Seuss for telling it like it is! ;-)


  3. Super Sweet! Turned out great!

  4. Hey man get off my back, no one likes hitchhilers or backseat drivers. Togetherness

  5. Wow, this is really a fun story and image - you are so imaginative. Are these your turtles? My boys have turtles and they all stack up just like these do - except we have 4 - kinda fun to watch (but not fun to change the water in their tank)!

  6. Thanks for the comments! And, no, they aren't our turtles. Our home was filled with all sorts of creatures when middle daughter was still living at home...tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes as well as an assortment of typical and not so typical mammals. With our kids grown, we are pet free now.

  7. These guys remind me of Max and Sylvester, my former turtle friends. The touch of red on the larger turtle's head and the light in the photo are great.

  8. Lovely light in this photo and a fun poem to go with it...

  9. Sweet shot! It's great the way the shapes and attitudes of the two turtles echo each other.