Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ROAD, STREET 133/365

Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

The 500 Festival Kid's Day and Rookie Run is where the Indianapolis 500 Festival takes a day to celebrate children. Thirty thousand kids and their parents pack the circle downtown for the free games and give-away booths. Three thousand of those kids participate in the Rookie Run.

The course ranges from two city blocks long (one up, one back) to 1/2 mile up and back by age group.

I stood in Meridian Street to catch the beginning of the heat when our grandson ran. There's something about getting to run smack down the middle of the "Road, Street," Theme #262 , that just appeals to a 7-year old boy!


  1. Watch out, they are coming! Great shot!

  2. Years ago I used to do a lot of work at NWSC Crane Ind (navy Base), just out side of Bloomington. Great shot. I love to see the kids have a good time like these events provide. Clean, healthy fun.

  3. Great spot to shoot from. Nothing like getting to play in the street!

  4. Fabulous!! It's so much fun to be where you are usually not allowed to go.