Thursday, December 31, 2009


Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me along. Tammy and Ellen, the two of you are especially appreciated for your continued presence in commenting on so many posts on so many blogs this past year! And, Ron, you have to be acknowledged as the most enterprising AND entertaining blogger in the group!

Please stop by the new place and follow me and my fellow photo bloggers as we take a Virtual Photo Walk through 2010. The doors are open even though I haven't done a thing with decorating or arranging the furniture...

See you soon!

SNACK, 365/365

So I probably won't actually drink the imported wine. I'm not a huge fan of the stuff.
Truth be told, my celebration will look more like this:

Pepsi and M & Ms. "Snack," Theme #291, of champions.

IMPORTED, 364/365

A little celebration later in the day to mark the close of my 365 blog and the beginning of the new year.
"Imported," Theme #156

PRIVATE, 363/365

And, of course, once the tent has been created, the kids have to guarantee there will be no intrusions by posting a "Privit," er, "Private," Theme #241, sign.

TENT, 362/365

There are few things more fun for kids than using every chair, table and blanket that can be found to make a "Tent," Theme #318.

KITE, 361/365

I had all but given up on this theme. I mean, where was I going to find a kite in the midwest in the winter? And then I took a look at the box containing Photoshop Elements 8. A "Kite," Theme #164!

GAP, 360/365

This small "Gap," Theme #117, at the bottom of the door explains the cold draft I was feeling on my feet.

HELP WANTED, 359/365

There aren't many "Help Wanted," Theme #147 , ads in the local paper.

BUTTON, 358/365

The remote was an obvious place to photograph a "Button," Theme #38, or two or twenty.

NEW, 357/365

My "New," Theme #198, computer awaits.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OUT WEST, 356/365

The sun sets "Out West," Theme #219.

MONOTONE, 355/365

Leafless trees in the woods present a "Monotone," Theme #187, scene.

DISTORTED, 354/365

A glass of water in front of a wine bottle gives a "Distorted," Theme #78, view of the label.

FADS, 353/365

Personal hand sanitizer sprays are a popular "Fad," Theme #90, these days.


In a small town there are often no objections to mixing religion and "Government," Theme #125, as evidenced by this nativity on the courthouse lawn.

HAPHAZARD, 351/365

Things are stuffed "Haphazard," Theme #142, into my desk.

CUTLERY, 350/365

"Cutlery," Theme #73.


My "Handwriting," Theme #140, skills leave a lot to be desired.